Review: Rough by Skye Warren

Rough (Chicago Underground, #1)Rough by Skye Warren

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was my first book from Skye Warren. I bought it a year ago from iBookstore and read it immediately. There might be some spoilers, sorry!

Rough was fast-paced and little bit dark. I really liked the main character and Colin seemed a great guy. It was surprising that there was a kid. As a mother I liked it and it gave a new perspective to the main characters problems.

This is not your day-to-day romance book. It is more complex and I have a feeling that he plot is going to be full of surprises. Colin’s brother Philip seemed my kind of guy. Hopefully we will meet him again in this Chicago Underground series.

Skye Warren is a good writer and I like her style. Characters are alive. Dialogue is good, but something was missing. Perhaps it was too light for me or Colin was too perfect. Still I can’t wait to read the next two books about Colin and Allie.

Here is the introduction to the book:
I’m a cautionary tale. A statistic. A victim. A single teenage mother from the poor part of town. Most of the time I’m too busy working and struggling to care what people think. Survival doesn’t come easy.

I have a dark secret, a pressure valve, a rare moment just for myself. On these nights I visit a club. There I find men who give me what I need. Men who aren’t afraid to take what they want.

Men like Colin.

But he takes more than a few stolen hours. He demands more than my body. He wants my heart and soul–my happily ever after. I never thought I’d be Cinderella. I never thought a man that rough could be my prince.

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